5 Ways To Find Your Next Job in Cambridge

Whether you are currently unemployed or are just wanting to find a new job with a more significant challenge, the chances of this happening all by itself it next to nil.

Finding a new job takes a little time and some effort. The good news is that Cambridge has an abundant supply of new opportunities if you know where to look. Here is a quick and easy guide on what you need to do, to help find your next job.


Start by updating your CV and cover letter (if you already have one). This will need to be updated for each application, but having a base template is a good idea. Next, update your LinkedIn profile and/or other social media profiles to make sure they all say the same thing. Potential employers will look at these once you apply, so make sure they are right before you start.

Tap into your network 

Everybody knows somebody who is recruiting. Within your current network, there will undoubtedly be jobs in Cambridge, already available and a good match for your skills. The problem is people won’t think of you if they believe you to be happy where you are.

So, start reaching out to people you know and ask about possible jobs in Cambridge. Let them know you are looking, or at least interested in hearing about any new jobs. Most Cambridge employers will operate an employee referral scheme to encourage recruitment from within. So, if your contacts know you are looking, they will be happy to refer you on, as they will most likely benefit from this as well.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Check the Cambridge Jobs Board on a daily basis

As a job board that is dedicated to supporting Cambridge and the surrounding area, looking for suitable jobs on the Cambridge Jobs Board is an easy and pleasant process. In a matter of seconds, your search will return a number of suitable jobs, all with the employer clearly visible. Given the volume of jobs on the Cambridge Jobs Board is much more manageable than the larger and more cluttered national jobs boards, this is something you can do every day (and it will only take a few minutes), to ensure you don’t miss out on the very latest jobs.

Not only will you find suitable jobs in Cambridge on the Cambridge Jobs Board, you will also find lots of information on potential employers and what they have to offer. Very quickly you will be able to decide if the job and company are right for you and whether you want to apply to them directly!

Quick, simple and effective!

Attend local recruitment events (but only if you are unemployed!)

If you are already in full-time employment, and not desperate to move on, attending events is not really a great idea. While unlikely, what would you say if you walked through the conference room door and found your boss waiting on the other side? At best, they are there to see if anyone from the company turns up (and you just have!). At worst, they are also looking for a job, and now you are both trying to work out whether you saw each other!

The point is recruitment events only really work for the unemployed or those who have nothing to lose (by being caught!).

Events might include ones hosted by professional organizations, local recruiters or local colleges and/or universities. If you do go along, then make the most of your time there and talk to at least one person at every company you meet. If you can get the list of attendees beforehand, identify at least one person who you would like to meet and make arrangements to connect there in person.

Use Social Media to maximum effect

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all powerful tools that allow you to connect with people easily. What you need to do is make sure it is the right person!

Search your target market based on your industry, qualifications, and relevant experience, and connect with the people who match your criteria. For example, if you work in the software industry, you could aim to connect with people who are currently VP Engineering, or Head of Software. There’s no limit to how many people you can connect with and, given most of them will be managing teams and departments with aggressive growth plans, they will welcome you reaching out to them.

You can also do the same with company HR professionals or Talent Acquisition Consultants. They will be under real pressure to find more people and your request to connect will get them thinking about your profile and whether it is a match for their open jobs.

So, 5 simple techniques that can and will help you to find jobs in Cambridge.

Happy job hunting.