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Why choose the Cambridge Jobs Board?

We are the only job board dedicated to Cambridge!

We only target Cambridge jobseekers!

We will save you money!

Social Media

Through the use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we are able to target our communications at the exactly the right audience.

Online advertising

Whether it be through targeted Google Adwords or refining our daily SEO activity, we are always reaching out to as many Cambridge job seekers as possible.

Local Advertising

As a job board that is dedicated to Cambridge, we are able to utilise local advertising opportunities that larger, national job boards would simply overlook.

Everything you need to know about how we engage with Cambridge jobseekers

Social Media Campaigns

  • Targeted advertising campaigns on social media channels including FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Daily publishing of sponsored content (adverts) and ‘post boosts’
  • Direct promotion of employers through our social media channels, pages and groups

Google Ads and SEO

  • Use of Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads to drive traffic to the site
  • Regular SEO refinement to ensure maximum possible visibility and impact
  • Able to specifically target jobseekers who are only looking for jobs in Cambridge and the surrounding area

Cambs Press Coverage

  • Publishing adverts in local newspapers and on-line press to promote the job board
  • Regular press releases to showcase the site and the employers that are using it
  • Working with local radio and television providers to further engage with Cambridge jobseekers

Local Advertising

  • Use of advertising on local public transport links to reach ‘passive’ jobseekers
  • Banner adverts in public areas to ensure maximum visibility for local employers
  • Regularly handing out literature on the Cambridge Jobs Board at local events

Our Blog

  • Regular updates with articles for job seekers and local employment related news
  • Several thousand hits every week from jobseekers looking for tips on job hunting in Cambridge
  • An opportunity for Premium and Featured package employers to make regular contributions

Recruitment revolution

It’s simply ‘evolution’. The Cambridge Jobs Board is giving advertising control back to local employers. Join the Cambridge recruitment revolution today!