Do you need to recruit top-talent on a ‘shoe-string’ budget?

It’s a question than many Cambridge employers are now asking themselves: How can we continue to recruit the very best talent, while keeping costs to a bare minimum?

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, many local employers were more worried about how to find the best talent, than they were about how much it would cost them. Using a vast array of ‘talent acquisition’ methods and techniques was commonplace, often increasing the ‘cost-per-hire’ for each new employee to several thousand pounds.

Over the last nine months, most (if not all!) Cambridge employers have had to re-evaluate their talent acquisition strategy, placing cost-saving at the forefront of their thinking.

Talent teams are now being told ‘only recruit the best people, but don’t spend any money doing it!’

Given how tough it is to find and hire top talent in the Cambridge area, trying to do it on a ‘shoe-string’ budget might seem almost impossible for many hiring managers.

So how can you hire great people and save money?

Well, ask any experienced Talent/HR Manager and they will tell you that the key to any successful talent acquisition strategy is building your employer brand. It is all about creating and communicating a powerful message, which describes your company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employee’s perspective. In essence, a company pitch!

Whilst it will take a little time (and some careful thought!) to create your message, it is the communication of this message to the people you want to hire that is the hard part.

Having a compelling employer brand is one thing. Telling people about it is another!

This is where the Cambridge Jobs Board is able to help local employers. 

As a website dedicated to Cambridge, ALL of our marketing activity goes into engaging with jobseekers looking in and around the Cambridge area. Unlike the large, national job boards, we are not spread ‘too thin’. All our messaging is about Cambridge and jobs in the Cambridge area.

This means we are able communicate your employer brand message to the people you need to hear it.

When you also consider that we only work with direct employers, the sharing of your message is even more powerful. Visitors to the Cambridge Jobs Board know they won’t have to sift through tons of agency adverts, to find their perfect job. 

They can see your employer brand instantly! 

From a jobseekers perspective, being able to engage with local employers directly is more important than ever. Jobseekers need to know that the role they are applying for is real. They need to know their application will definitely get through to the end employer. They need to know they have a chance!

By applying for jobs listed on the Cambridge Jobs Board, they know that this will happen!

So, whilst ‘hiring great people’ and ‘saving money’ are not terms that you would often put in the same sentence, we believe that it is possible. It is all about directly engaging with your audience in the most cost effective way possible.

By building a compelling employer brand message and communicating it through the Cambridge Jobs Board, it is possible to hire awesome people and save money at the same time.