5 reasons why you should advertise your jobs online

Finding the right candidate for your job has never been more difficult! Speak to any hiring manager and they will tell you that their biggest headache continues to be finding good people, with some managers spending as much as 40% of their time on recruitment and hiring. 

So why don’t modern networking platforms work anymore?

The emergence of social and business ‘networking’ platforms initially made it easier to find and engage with applicants. It was a real game-changer. However, the reality is that these ‘global’ platforms have now become over-used and candidates are being bombarded with messages from talent and recruitment professionals on a daily basis.

So what is the answer? How can employers connect with their target audience? Job advertising is the key!

Job ads need to be engaging!

Because job advertisements are not viewed as intrusive, both active and passive candidates are much more likely to read online job adverts and engage with an employer. 

Recent research conducted by the Cambridge Jobs Board found that over 85% of jobseekers now ignore messages sent on large networking platforms and, instead, prefer to browse online adverts to find their next role.

Given how much unfiltered ‘noise’ is included in our daily ‘feeds’, it’s no surprise that jobseekers are choosing to be more proactive when searching for a new job.

More than just candidate attraction!

Although the main goal of an online job advert is to attract potential candidates, a well-written and engaging advert has the potential to do a lot more. From enhancing your employer brand to improving company diversity and accessibility, here are some reasons why online job advertising is important in expanding your company’s digital reach.

#1. Spread the word

Advertising plays a vital role in spreading the word when it comes to your open roles. A lack of proper advertising will only result in a lack of proper response. It’s that simple!

And it’s always a good idea to post your jobs on multiple ‘targeted’ job boards, to increase your reach. Given that job boards are viewed by a large number of candidates every day, advertising your roles on several job boards will maximise your reach and increase the probability of your open roles being filled sooner.

#2. Target only the right candidates

A well-written job advert will also help to minimise the time spent filtering applications. By being very clear about what skills and experience are essential in your open roles, candidates will only apply if they feel they are suitable. 

Adverts that ask for a very broad set of skills and/or experience often receive a large percentage of poorly matched applications. The result is a lot of wasted time, reviewing and responding to unsuitable candidates. By using a more targeted approach, adverts can help filter out the vast majority of potential applicants, meaning that you spend much less time looking at CVs, and much more time talking with actual people.

#3. A truly global reach

Advertising your jobs online will ensure that they are accessible to a global audience. Not only will this allow you to access talent in other parts of the world, but it will also help to maximise diversity within your growing organisation. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of this approach to long-term productivity, and it is a tactic that most modern employers are embracing.

With so many more people working from home on a regular basis, browsing patterns are changing, and having your jobs online is the only way to ensure they are accessible 24/7.

#4. Expand your employer brand

As well as attracting potential candidates, using a job board to advertise your open roles will also push your employer brand to a wider audience. The stronger your employer brand, the more likely people are to recommend your roles to like-minded friends and colleagues. Talking about your company culture in your job ads will help people to identify your company values.

#5. Save yourself money!

Many online job boards offer discounted trials or packages, to help get you started. Whilst many sites use a more expensive ‘credit-based’ system, the Cambridge Jobs Board is one of the only sites to offer ‘unlimited’ annual advertising packages, meaning you can list as many roles as you like, all year round.

On top of this, our featured employer’s package provides employers with a platform to share their employer brand, and maximise their digital presence. When you put all of this together, the result is real value for money and can reduce your hiring costs dramatically, particularly when compared to the costs of hiring through recruitment agencies.

Get started today

Now that you are more aware of how job advertising can increase your digital reach, choose a no-hassle job advertising platform like the Cambridge Jobs Board to further ease your search. Our portal allows quick and easy job posting, featured employer brand opportunities, and advanced applicant tracking systems to manage all your roles in one place. Get in touch today to find out how the Cambridge Jobs Board can make a difference to your hiring strategy.