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We are Simprints

Simprints is a nonprofit tech company from the University of Cambridge that seeks to break the identification bottleneck. Recognising a significant gap in current biometric technology, our team is building an affordable, secure, rugged, open-source fingerprint system that works in the world’s toughest settings.


Relentless Commitment to Impact

Simprints exists for one purpose: impact. It drives our culture and evidence-based approach. No matter how crazy things get, we never forget why we do this.


Robust as Fudge

We set super high standards because quality matters. We never cut corners when it comes to our beneficiaries. We build to last.


Be Surprisingly Bold

We push boundaries and challenge the assumptions others take for granted. We are not afraid of being shameless for social impact.


Get Back Up

When you take on great challenges, failure is inevitable. That doesn’t scare us. The minute we get knocked down, we get straight back up. Every time.


Make it Happen

We do whatever it takes to fight poverty. We figure out a way forward, even if it has never been done before. There is no instruction manual for impact, so we are creative and relentless.


Don’t be a Jerk

This journey is not about us or our egos. We put mission first, and we’re in this as a team. We foster empathy and stay humble.


Confront the Grey

We speak up when our ethical compass is challenged. We practice transparency and radical candor. We believe that action requires integrity, and integrity requires action.


Laugh Together, Grow Together

This journey is tough, but we have each other’s backs. We remember to have fun and to laugh at ourselves. We never stop learning.

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