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TTP plc

Who we are

TTP is a team of over 350 exceptionally skilled and accomplished individuals. A team of scientists, engineers, and business innovators, with in-depth industry expertise, working closely with our clients to turn great ideas into reality.


Ideas from Cambridge have changed the world. And, for over 25 years, TTP has been an integral part of the Cambridge phenomenon of innovation, science, engineering and business enterprise. Since its foundation, the engineers and scientists inside TTP have played a pioneering role in a broad spectrum of sectors including drug discovery and pharmaceutical automation, bioprocess automation, laboratory instrumentation, wireless communications, digital printing, electric vehicles, digital radio, food and beverage, drug delivery, diagnostics, micro-devices and sensing, and consumer products.

What we do

We put new technology and innovation to work. We invent, design, develop and engineer new products, processes and instruments. In many cases, the core technology needed to do this is created at TTP.

The scope and variety of our projects can be very different, but we routinely define the need, assess the market opportunity, specify the goals, create the solution, build the prototypes, engineer for production and then transfer the output into a manufacturing supply chain.

Why join TTP?

At TTP, traditional structures and job titles don’t exist. We believe that you get the best out of people when they are driven by their own motivation and that the most inventive minds are independent. Simply put, TTP is made up of people who don’t need to be told what to do to succeed.

As employee shareholders, we all have a stake and share of the rewards. We take calculated risks, make long-term investments, and have the time and freedom to build a business with depth.

Your future at TTP

Every day at TTP brings new challenges. New projects, new business, and new opportunities are all part of a compelling career at TTP.

A career is a personal journey. At TTP we hand you the freedom to follow your own ambitions. For some it is to be recognised for technical or commercial leadership, or to develop new opportunities and markets for TTP, for others it is to initiate, build and evolve a successful new business – the TTP model of growth through spin-outs, subsidiaries and new independent businesses.

Your career will develop in an environment where excellence and high professional standards are the baseline. Commercial drive is coupled with the desire to create new technologies and push the boundaries to generate valuable business opportunities.

Find your role

So, if you are excited by technology, business enterprise, and the idea of breaking new ground, TTP could be the place for you.

We invite candidates from anywhere in the world to apply – from veterans through to new graduates and interns. If you have the skills and qualities, we would like to hear from you.

    There are currently no vacancies.


Melbourn, Cambridge






Technology Development