The Cambridge Jobs Board is supporting direct employers

When we launched the Cambridge Jobs Board in early 2017, our mission was simple: To connect as many jobseekers and employers as possible. 

Our focus was on making the whole job search process quicksimple, and effective. And it was these three words that were the driving force behind our decision to focus our efforts on helping jobseekers to connect with employers directly, and not through third parties.

So how does the Cambridge Jobs Board differ from other job sites?

Less quantity, more quality!

We recently analysed the number of Cambridge job adverts listed on a large, national job site. Of the 7,657 jobs that were live on the site at the time, a whopping 89% were posted by recruitment agencies. That’s almost 9 out of every 10 jobs in Cambridge.

Let’s look at this from a jobseeker’s point of view. 

You run a job search on one of the ‘well known’ job sites and get several hundred jobs back. Excellent! The first one is from an agency and it’s not very inspiring. It looks like the agency has just cut-and-paste the requirement section of their client’s job into the advert. There’s nothing about the employer at all. Oh well, never mind. Move on.

The next advert is, also posted by an agency. This one at least has a section entitled ‘Our Client’ but all it says is the client is a ‘leading technology company’ in the Cambridge area. Well, that narrows it down!

OK, let’s try the next one and, hold on a minute, this is exactly the same as the first one, only with a different agent! Aargh!

This is an all too common experience for jobseekers when searching for a new job. By removing 90% of job adverts, we can make searching for a new job a much quicker and simpler process.

Jobs posted on the Cambridge Job Board get noticed much more!

It’s much easier to stand out from the crowd!

Looking at this from an employer’s point of view, if 90% of jobs are posted by recruitment agencies, at best, jobseekers will have to look at 9 other adverts before they get to yours. That’s assuming that your job is number 10 on their search and it isn’t one of your competitors!

Worst case, you could be on page 10 of their search and they may not even get to you. You can see why many employers see online job advertising as a non-starter.

By removing 90% of adverts, the simple fact is that jobs listed on the Cambridge Jobs Board have a much greater chance of being viewed by jobseekers.

And this is simply looking at the problem from a ‘reduction in volume’ point of view. If you now consider that more jobseekers use the Cambridge jobs Board on a regular basis, because they know that only direct employers can advertise on the Cambridge Jobs Board, the chances of success are even greater.

Thus, whilst creating a job board for Cambridge which allowed 3rd party adverts to be listed would have been a much more lucrative venture, we decided on the ‘quality over quantity’ approach

Refreshingly ‘transparent’!

When we asked jobseekers what they disliked most about using other job sites, ‘not knowing’ the end employer came out on top. As mentioned above, 9 out of 10 adverts do not tell jobseekers who the job is for, often stopping jobseekers from applying.

Today, jobseekers are more particular than ever about who they work for. A jobseekers ‘moral compass’ will often guide them towards their next role. Thus, it is important that jobseekers can see they are applying to you, right from the start of the process.

With no ‘middle-man’ comes a lot more transparency.

Job adverts on the Cambridge Jobs Board are not cloaked in secrecy. Jobseekers don’t need to guess who the end client might be. Instead, they can see your advert and, more importantly, your employer brand and can quickly understand why they should be applying for your role!

So, in summary, direct employer adverts = fewer adverts = more applications